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Art Info/ Translation:


This piece is an Urdu translation of a line from Ari Satok's poem, For the Difficult Days.


The line translated is "tomorrow is always waiting."


The whole poem goes as follows:


"On the days when the world is too heavy to carry alone

Do not forget

That there are always others 
Ready to share the load,

Ready to lend their ears and their hearts.  

Do not forget

That there is no shame in fragility,

No weakness in sometimes being broken, 

No indignity in asking for help.

Do not forget

That this too shall pass, 

Clouds have never lasted forever,

Winter always yields to warmer times;

Tomorrow is always waiting 

As hard as it sometimes is to see."


Tomorrow is Always Waiting

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    50% of sales of this piece are going to a fundraiser organized by the Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities in Pakistan.

    Summary as per the fundraiser's website:
    "The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented difficulty and hardship for persons with disabilities, and they remain the most vulnerable at this time. Today, we need your support more than ever before.

    With limited educational, social and economic opportunities, persons with disabilities remain stuck in the vicious circle of poverty. The recent lockdown in Pakistan due to COVID-19 has made their lives further vulnerable.

    We have identified 1000 families of persons with disabilities across Sindh, who are in desperate need of assistance. We are planning to distribute packages of essential items that includes wheat flour, rice, lentil, chickpea, oil, sugar, salt, red chilli and turmeric."

    For more information, check out their website here.





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