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This text spoke to me immediately, because when I read it, I thought of the biblical command to not harvest the corners of your field but to leave the corners for the stranger, the disenfranchised, the poor (Leviticus 19:9 and 23:22). A not-completely-harvested field is an incomplete and yet beautiful thing, because the corners have been left for those who need. In this piece, I've paired the text with both cut and uncut stalks of wheat to represent  that incompletely-harvested field. I also designed the partially-cut wheat stalks in a pattern that remind me of the exponential bar graphs I've been seeing about the growth of pandemic infections.


This piece was originally designed as a papercut - a single piece of white paper that's been cut to create this design. I have created three hand-cut papercut originals of this design. If you're interested in buying one, please contact me directly at aaron@artistaviv.com




Papercut artist Aaron Hodge Greenberg Silver interprets contemporary experiences and political events through papercuts. His papercuts are often inspired by the Scriptures and other texts — and texts are incorporated in most of his pieces. Through this medium, Aaron seeks to question and reinforce meanings, to comfort and to challenge the viewer, and to evoke a desire to look, think and discover. In papercutting, everything you see is defined by the absence around it — something that is true, but often unacknowledged, in our own lived experience. 


Learn more at https://artistaviv.com

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    Food banks right now are responding to the effects of covid 19 and doing important work to fight against hunger in these difficult times. 

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